Tap into Ticket Selling Strategies with a proven track record of:

Selling Out Events

Increasing ticket sales by 125%

15x return on marketing budget

70% of all announced events sold out or selling fast

Our Results - Be Our Next Success Story

Ticket sales up 125% at Regional Winter Arts Festival Events

"Social Season's depth of expertise, strategic approach and meticulous execution of the targeted social media advertising campaign achieved remarkable results. We had a 69% increase in unique visitors to the event website, and ticket sales for key events within the festival were up 78% and 125% respectively compared to last year." - Leianne Murphy, Hipscotch (Bathurst Winter Festival 2023)

15.41x Return on Ad Spend on Wine & Cheese Festival Ticket Sales

"Thanks for everything team. we loved working with you and look forward to more collaboration next year." - Sotir, Wine & Cheese Festival

Sold out Mexican cultural and entertainment events with higher attendance results than ever before

"Biggest show so far and we sold out! I used to do the marketing for my business but they have taken it to the next level. They have taken one of the most important parts of my event work that used to take a big chunk of my time and they do it so much better than I can." - Victor Diaz, Fantastica Events

Award-winning music venue launch campaign + 12.56x return on ad spend and over 70% of all events sold out or selling fast

"I've worked with Erin and Ash in live music and events since 2011 and can fully attest to the quality of their work standing the test of time. In just one show example, tickets had stopped moving but after they made updates it sold out! If you're looking for a team to take your event marketing to the next level, Social Season is your answer." - Ben Thompson, Northcote Theatre

Who's This For?

You're an event promoter who knows your stuff. You run solid events, have eye-catching creative, and a marketing game plan. If that's you, we've got just the thing.

What You Get?

Get ready for our Event Sprint Campaigns. Tailored for 2-8 weeks, we amplify your event with our proven ad strategies. You bring the details and budget, we bring the magic. No long-term strings attached.

Budget Talk

How much do you need? It varies. But a rule of thumb: Aim for 5-20% of your total potential ticket revenue. Whether you've got $3k or $50k, we've got a plan that fits.

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